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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Our New Home

So, we’ve moved. Our first home that we bought together 5 years ago, when we had just got married had been a complete rec. Suffering from subsidence and long term lack of love, it had been a project, where we completely gutted the house and added a rear extension with side return along with a loft conversion, and I LOVED it. My dad had done all the structural design and Gareth and I had agonised over every decision and after the builders had finishes, we spent HOURS doing all the decorating from bare plater. When little Sophie arrived two years ago, we filled our hone with special memories and I had swore that we wouldn’t move. Ever.

However, when the baby turns into a toddler, however much space you think you have, you want more. And when Gareth came home from a run having spotted a house that could be a perfect project for us to make into our ‘forever family home’ I was all ears.

So two three weeks ago we waved a tearful goodbye to our special first home and headed less than a mile up the road, from central Weybridge towards Oatlands village.

Although we have grand plans for this house, it is very liveable, unlike our first house when we picked up the keys and we have officially moved in. I um-ed and er-ed about writing this post, as normally I love taking 'beautiful' pictures... well this is very 'real' and many of the photos where taken in a hurry on moving day and the following weeks have been crazy (esp teamed with starting a new job... but I digress...)

The space is AMAZING - Sophie loved running around and has much room to play. I love the high ceilings of this Victorian house and it has so much character. The floorboards, ceiling roses, full hight sash windows and oh, the dreamist of double front doors. Sophie's favourite spot is the bay window in the lounge where we have put our upholstered ottoman that used to be at the end of our bed. It fits perfectly and she loves sitting on it looking out at the garden, at do I. And my favourite place? Another bay window, but in our bedroom, where I have put my dressing table, where I can look beyond the mirror, again to the apple tree in our patch of green.
The last owners decor was a little eccentric, with bright red, yellow, blue, green and even back walls (often all in the same room!) so I’m looking forward to eventually turning them all into my neutral colour palette of white, grey and a bit more grey.

We have out architect arriving tonight - plans of moving the staircase into the 2nd floor, adding an ensuite and rebuilding the current extension are all on the list of plans to discuss. Its going to be a big, long project, but, oh, I’m so excited!!!

I’m already planning my new kitchen, my heart is set on the beautiful navy one in the window of Neptune in Weybridge… We are also pinning pictures of grittle windows with french doors and marble bathrooms... Lets hope there is still some funds left after replacing all the original sash windows!
After moving in, the first thing we did was taken down most of the curtains, which didn't have the freshest of aromas, and clean the walls of the hall and lounge-dining-kitchen room as they were covered with black marks where frames and clocks had been for years collecting grime. The curtains from the master room we then staple-gunned to cover where the built in furniture had been ripped off the walls in what is now the play room.
Then we unpacked the essentials (apparently Gareth and I have stark differences when it comes to what we MUST unpack...!)

Before the previous owner, out house was actually made up of bed-sits and many of the rooms still have the kitchenette or reminisce of. I think they will be one of the first things on my lift to by pulled out! There is so much history in our new home, apparently it was owned by royalty at some point too!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our 'project home' if so - please let me know and I'll keep you updated on what we do next... Sophie's room has already had a little make over (I couldn't cope with her having black walls!) so thats on my list to tell you all about!

Emily x

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