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Monday 5 October 2020

Little Girl's Bedroom Design

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I’ve been asked to share the girls bedroom decor previously - but I never thought they were particularly ‘insta-worthy’ but this is the reality (after a good tidy!!) rather than perfection. When we moved in before the renovation, the room we choose for Sophie had black walls... but it also had shutters and laminate floor, so it felt the cleanest room to put her in.

We stayed at my parents for a first few days after we moved in, so while Gareth was unpacking I painted her bedroom as I couldn’t bear her to have a black bedroom, as it felt so depressing! We painted it in Blackened (colour match F&B) which made it feel so much cleaner and fresher. Sophie was still in a cot at this point and with the move and dodgy electrics it certainly didn't feel the right time to move her to a big girl bed.

As Sophie was three when we moved back in after the renovation, wanted it to have a more grown up feel compared to her nursery at our first home. We had the house decorated as part of the project and her room we repainted (the walls were a complete state despite my efforts when we moved in!) and we went for a slightly different shade (Farrow & Ball colour match Ammonite - which is a lovely warm grey) rather than wall paper as I thought she might ‘grow out’ of a design that I chose for her quite quickly.


Sophie’s room is the only room that we kept any of the built in furniture from the previous owners, so these were all repainted in brilliant white with an eggshell finish.

The room certainly wasn’t finished straight away, and I’m not sure it is even now! But one of the first things we bought was her big girl bed from Wayfair and her mattress is from Simba Sleep* which is really comfortable! I love White Company Bedding - occasionally they do beautiful embodied children’s bedding, Sophie loves this Fairy set* as much as I do, and they currently have a similar style in stock which I'm very tempted to get too!

These cute house shelves  above her bed are from The Great Little Trading Company* - Sophie often changes what toys get to ‘live’ there. And then we also put a fairy wall sticker (Wayfair) by her bed that was a big hit. We’ve collected cute girlie cushions over the years, which move from her bed to the teepee and back again... 

The teepee that was her 1st birthday pressie now in Chloe's room and the Little Green Sheep Teepee* that was in Chloe’s room is below Sophie’s window as it was a bit too large for Chloe’s room. Sophie loves it when we make her bed up on the floor and she ‘camps’ in it - especially pretty if you put fairy lights up at the top so it feels like she is sleeping under the stars.

Her cloud rug is also from The Great Little Trading Company and Sophie loves to jump from cloud to cloud before bed... anything to delay sleep time! This design is no longer available but they have other lovely designs here.

Last Christmas Sophie really wanted a dressing table - hers is from The Great Little Trading Company* and she loves storing her treasures in the draws and sits to put o her lip balm when she goes to parties!


The shelves are full of books, pictures and toys which we always change depending on what she currently wants to play with.



As her room is neutral, hopefully we will be able to keep changing it gradually as her tastes change, rather than making a really pink room!

We've collected prints and pictures pictures over the years, Sophie's favourites are the personalised princess and the unicorn which are above her chest of drawers from Wellies & Tutu Illustrations* that I've put in Ikea frames.

We also have a radio as it has a bluetooth connection so that I can link up the iPad to play Sophie her Moshi bedtime stories to help her get to sleep.

Toy box was from Aldi, chest of draws and bedside table IKEA.

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