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Monday 24 June 2013

Mani Monday: Nails Inc Porchester Square

Every brand has their hero products, those which outsell all their rival brands and other items in the same range. I love it when you are told which these are - although generally you can tell by awards tey have won by beauty journalist!

With Nails Inc, they pop a little 'Hero Shade' sticker on their top varnishes. With the current trend on nudes and muted shades, I decided to try Porchester Square, a chic mushroom shade with lilac under tones after my mum purchaded it last week (£11).

When I first popped it on I wasn't totally convinced, but as the polish dried and became slightly lighter, I totally got what the hype was about. It does look subtle, on trend and sopisticated, and it goes with everything.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara

I do love a volumised lash, but when loading your lashes with mascara, it is far too easy to over do it and end up with tarantulas. So I was excited to try Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara.

 One of the tricks used by this product is the clever wand. It has tight, evenly spaced bristles stops clumps forming and helps the lashes to define and separate. The loading well in the curved area ensures lashes are saturated with mascara to help give the volume. This curved design does also help general application, reaching into the roots of each lash. The formula of the mascara is also designed to avoid clumps even when you add multiple layers - I haven't been able to get it to clump even when trying.
 As good as this mascara is, I found that I did need three coats to give the level of volume I wanted, but worth the effort for thick, natural looking lashes. 

Monday 17 June 2013

Monday Mani Black Studded Nails

On Saturday night I headed off to Twickenham Stadium to watch Rhianna in concert. So as I formulated my outfit, a combination of leather and animal print, I wanted to tough nails to go with my look.

I decided to opt for inspiration from a group of pop princesses, Little Mix. I attended the launch event for a range of press on nails designed by the girls for Elegant Touch and Jesy's nails featured black and silver nails with studs and chains. Perfect for my look for the concert.

They were super easy to apply with double sided nail pads, although I would have liked a larger range of nail sizes to choose from, I have quite narrow nail beds and found many of the nails quite wide but the nails lasted really well and were then easy to remove by soaking for a few mins in warm soapy water and meant I can use them again. If you fancy a peak at the other nails from the Little Mix Elegant Touch collaboration, pop over to my post on the launch.


Thursday 13 June 2013

No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon

I am still loving this week's mani, having kept my talons coral all week and yesterday I took my coral obsession a step further with this cute lip colour.
The chunky crayon by No 7 has really cute packaging and glides easily onto your lips giving a moisturising sheen. The shade I went for is called Tickle and is great for the summer as I think it would look even better when sun kissed.

If you like Clinique's chubby sticks, I think it will be right up your street as it gives a similar finish and consistancy. Avalible in 5 shades priced at £9 - Boots is currently running a 'buy one get one half price' offer too...

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Olay Regenerist CC Cream

So when we just get our heads around BB (Blemish/Beauty Balm) creams, the next dressing table must have hits us with the CC creams. The CC generally stands for Colour/Complection Corrector and as a make-up product does a similar job as the BB, acting as a primer, moisturiser and foundation in one. however, the added benefit of the CC cream is the active ingredients are also working to improve your complection colouring at the same time.

I have currently for a few CC creams that I am trying out and todaybI thought I would share the prettiest one with you. Olay Regenerist CC Cream contains sheer foundation, moisturisers and  serum containing essential Glucosamine Complex which is made up of N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide, which helps to reduce fine lines and dark spots when used frequently.

In the bottle the different elements are separated in a swirl design which does look appealing and they are mixed when you dispense the product. The consistency of the cream is really light and feels very moisturising without being too thick and sticky. The foundation for me is a little too sheer as I like a bit extra coverage, having to use extra concealer on blemishes. But I think it would be perfect for a good skin day when you just need skin tone evened out. At £24.99/50ml if may cost more than yo expected, but this is due to all the expensive anti ageing ingredients which is working hard on you skin all day and the SPF 15 preventing sun damage. 



Tuesday 11 June 2013

Colour consultation with Jonathan Long, Colour Advisor for nice'n easy

Our locks massively affect our over all look and we can make a radical change to our appearance  almost instantly. What do most girls do at the end of a relationship? I think a change in hair style of colour tends to be up there as one of the most common ways to make us feel more confident and reinvent ourselves. Indeed, 73% of mean say that changing their hair colour is the most noticeable thing a woman can do to look their best.

My gorgeous friend Helen was up for a change in her look, so last week I took her to meet Clairol's colour advisor for nice'n easy Jonathan Long for a colour consultation to advise her on what shades would suit her.

Jonathan says "Great hair gives women a huge confidence boost and is one of the biggest reasons I love hairdressing so much. It cn make all the differen not only to how women look but also how they feel".

Over some yummy cocktails at The Charlotte Street Hotel we debated going lighter and darker. Jennifer Aniston is Helen's hair crush and Jonathan talked her through how she could achieve a beachy look by using nice'n easy Arctic Blonde on chunks of hair in the lower layers of her tresses and teaming with a warmer shade over the rest of her locks.

As Helen has the most stunning dark brown eyes I suggested that a dark super glossy shade was look amazing against her tanned skin. Jenny wanted to go one step further and tempt her with high fashion black, but Helen wasn't sold. However, they compromised with a cool dark brown which will work with her hair's natural warmth and tones.

As Clairol's Nice n easy colours are effortless to apply, Helen will be giving it ago at home and I'll keep you posted on her thoughts, and some 'after' photos, of course!


Monday 10 June 2013

Mani Monday: Max Factor Glossfinity Cute Coral

My favourite nail shade in the summer has to be coral, the orange-pink shade really emphasises a tan and it is such a fun colour. Today's nails are Max Factor's Cute Coral (£5.00/10ml), which are gorgeous, not too orange and super glossy, giving total coverage in two coats.

What is your fav summer nail shade girls? x


Saturday 8 June 2013

Hen party tan: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Self Tanning Dry Mist.

It is the lovely Saskia's hen party today and as the weather is meant to be glorious, I'm dressing accordingly. However, despite getting a little sunshine this week I'm still feeling a little pasty.

Last night I hit the bottle, but rather than more normal Friday night choice (!), I went for L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Self Tanning Dry Mist (£13.10/150ml). I've always been a fan of a spray rather than a gel or lotion as they dry quicker and are less likely to streak.

The super fine mist is really easy to apply as and drys pretty must instantly. The spray itself is clear, which does make it trickier to know exactly where you have applied the spray, but does mean you can always pop it on during the day time too. The head of the spray has a diffuser which helps spread the product to give you  an even tan. The smell isn't too bad either, it still has the slight aroma of a tanning product, but its not overpowering.
This morning I was really pleased, absolutely no streaks or dodgy wrist or foot tanning which I do often get with other products, and as you don't rub spray in, my fingers, hands and cuticles where also safe.

The colour is golden, but not as dark as I was hoping for, so maybe a double does application is required for the - just back from Barbados - look.


Friday 7 June 2013

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

BB creams have taken over foundation on my dressing table, they are now my go to base for every day. Last month Clarins launched their offering, BB Skin Perfecting Cream (45ml/£28) with SPF 25 that is suitable or all skin types.

The cream does have a more robust coverage than some other BB creams I've tried which gives a fuller coverage and a more matte satin look, rather than a dewy fininish, so a great addition to my BB collection.
The optic pigments also help to brighten any darker shadowy areas, this combined with the organic kiwi extract and antioxidantshelp to and boost the skin's radiance, so it's a good option if you have had a late night! The ingridience list of Vitamin E, anti-oxidant White Tea extract and Succory Dock also provide pollution protection and 100% natural mineral sun filters shield skin from UVA and UVB rays.

I've tried out the medium shade, which really suits my skin tone, but there are also a darker and paler shade available.
Application tip: with all BB/CC/Foundations pop a dollop of the product on the back of your hand and then dot over your face before smoothing over. Patting rather than rubbing will help keep the base fixed to your skin longer.


Wednesday 5 June 2013

Bikini time!

The sun is out this week and I've massively been enjoying it! Feeling inspired for my summer holiday I have been trawling the shops for the ultimate bikini collection.

The way to feeling confident in your swimwear is about finding the shapes that suit you, mine has to be  a triangle top and the design of the collection from BIBA is so flattering and the tie side briefs will lengthen your legs and you can adjust to get the perfect fit. There is a range of designs in this style to choose from, including stylish plain black, but I couldn't resist showing you this animal print which would be prefect for a glamorous poolside location.

As much as I love a triangle style bikini they do have issues when avoiding strap marks, so for the ultimate sunbathing bikini I do love a bandeau, but they can be problematic when swimming! Finding a bandeau with additional halterneck strap that you can pop on for a dip is perfect and I love the floral print on the Warehouse number I've chosen. This would look great  with or without a tan, so perfect for the first few days of your vacation.

Neons have been massive this season, and look even better on golden skin, I am loving the teaming of the citrus bright embellishment with the muted grey on New Looks offering.

The best bikinis do get snapped up, so girls, if you want your pick of the high street start your shopping early!

From left to right:
New Look Dark Grey and Neon Green Gem Trim Bikini Bottoms (£7.99) and top (£12.99)
BIBA Athena Animal Tie Side Brief (£18.00) and Halter Triangle Bikini Top (£25.00)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

hd Brows Blusher

 I do love a sweep of blusher across my cheeks, it adds warmth to my completion, which is needed especially if I have used a base which give anything over a medium coverage. This lovely shade from hd Brows is a fusion of burnt rose and coral which would look gorgeous on a tanned face, or combined with some bronzer...

The cute compact includes a sponge for application, perfect for on the go, but from the luxury of my dressing table I prefer to use a soft brush to avoid a stripey look! The sponge holder is such a good idea, as as well as preventing overloading, stops any loose product clogging up the mirror. Genius.

 PR sample


Monday 3 June 2013

Monday Mani: No 7 Tip Toes

My mani I am sharing with you today I acutually had on my nails a week or so ago when I had an interview and wanted a proffessional, yet groomed look, so I opted for one of the No 7 Stay  Perfect nail polishes.
Tip Toes is a lovley natural nude shade with the tinies fragments of sparkle which give a pretty glimmer rather than anything too garish!
No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish costs £6/10ml
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