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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hen party tan: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Self Tanning Dry Mist.

It is the lovely Saskia's hen party today and as the weather is meant to be glorious, I'm dressing accordingly. However, despite getting a little sunshine this week I'm still feeling a little pasty.

Last night I hit the bottle, but rather than more normal Friday night choice (!), I went for L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Self Tanning Dry Mist (£13.10/150ml). I've always been a fan of a spray rather than a gel or lotion as they dry quicker and are less likely to streak.

The super fine mist is really easy to apply as and drys pretty must instantly. The spray itself is clear, which does make it trickier to know exactly where you have applied the spray, but does mean you can always pop it on during the day time too. The head of the spray has a diffuser which helps spread the product to give you  an even tan. The smell isn't too bad either, it still has the slight aroma of a tanning product, but its not overpowering.
This morning I was really pleased, absolutely no streaks or dodgy wrist or foot tanning which I do often get with other products, and as you don't rub spray in, my fingers, hands and cuticles where also safe.

The colour is golden, but not as dark as I was hoping for, so maybe a double does application is required for the - just back from Barbados - look.


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