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Saturday, 18 February 2012

London fashion week bans the sun beds: fake tan update

As all of you fashionistas will be well aware of, yesterday was the first day of London Fashion Week. This hit the press for other reasons than the stunning designs, as many of the big modelling agencies banning their models from using sun beds due to the massive increased risk of developing skin cancer. I spoke to leading agency M and P Models for their take on it.
Head booker Russell Loughlan told me "M+P are always looking out for the models health and we will be announcing our commitment to ban all of our models from using sun beds. We will be urging our models to take a safer approach to tanning as their health and welfare are very important to us."

Also speaking to some of the models on their books, they didn't use sun beds anyway, due to the risk of malignant melanoma and their effect on ageing the skin.

Let's emulate this positive step and fake it ourselves. I've pulled together some of the latest offerings from the tanning industry.

No More White Bits hits Superdrug on 1st April, I've tried out their mousse and found the final colour a deep Barbados bronze, but does look muddy-brown after application until your first shower. One to apply at night! As the formula is tinted, application with gloves is a MUST, I didn't first time round and ended up trying to hide my hands for the rest of the day! I'd recommend using a mitt style glove such as He-Shi as I found the foam tricky to rub in with a latex glove. (£3.99/200ml)

Higher up the price rung is Fake Bake's new Unisex Bronzing Gel Self Tan (£25/148ml) which also needs to be applied with gloves (provided). The tan isn't as intense as No More White Bits, but you can apply over consecutive days to build up to the desired shade. It looked really natural and doesn't have the typical fake-tan smell! Containing concentrated antioxidants Vitamin C and E it helps combat the free radicals that age skin prematurely.

My final tanner is KARORA which is a great instant wash off fake tan. It does have a nice shimmer and certainly adds a golden glow, but with my winter super pale skin, I might be waiting until I've got a bit more of a base tan underneath! It is packed with yummy botanical ingredients such as grape seed oil and horse chestnut extract to keep skin nourished, smooth and supple. (£13.50/125ml)



  1. I'm a model and I use the sunbeds but I slowly started to come off them as they are very addictive (i go on about once every 3/4 weeks)
    so i started to use fake tan but i'm a guy it makes you look a bit feminine if use fake tan especially if you fuck it up lol and I need help on whats a good one to buy for a male and one that doesn't smell and makes you look like have a natural tan not a fake one.....thanks

  2. I'd recommend Fake Bake's Unisex bronzing gel as it doesn't have the 'biscuit' smell of a normal fake tan. Also as you can build it up gradually you are less likely to make mistakes. If you put it on before you go to bed you are less likely to end up with whiter hands which can happen when you wash your hands throughout the day! Let me know how you get on. Emily x

  3. Karora best tan I have ever used.

  4. We at all love the Karora products and the full range is always in stock.

    The new Instant Tan Wash Off is a true life-saver and fab for people who are new to tanning - or have had some bad experiences! I find it fool-proof as it's so easy to apply, but if you think you've 'donea bit wrong' you can just wash this bit off and re-blend. Very easy, but gives great natural results - with no commitment! Perfect.


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