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Friday 20 October 2017

Sophie's Autumn Adventures

At the change of every season I harp on about just how much I love it and how THIS must be my favourite. The fresh newness of spring, the long lazy days of summer and the merriment of winter. But autumn, it must be said, is where my heart truly lies.
Sitting now as I type looking out into our garden, seeing the dappled sunshine over out lawn, that is in need of a trim sprinted with beautiful amber leaves and apples just makes me so happy. I love getting snuggled up in knitwear, lighting candles and over eating comfort food. Weekend welly walks, long sunday roast dinners and the promise of Christmas preparation just around the corner, whats not to love.
We've thrown ourselves into these precious months and enjoying the mild weather. Pumpkin picking was top of my list, with the three of us heading to Garson's Farm in Esher to pick the perfect accompaniment for October. 
We also love visiting the Medicine Garden in Cobham, which along with beautiful Gardens and play ground to Keep Sophie occupied, there are beautiful little boutiques to have a look round and a choice of eateries. 
A girl after my own heart, Sophie does love a trip to a 'cafe' especially if she gets a croissant!! We are in love with the new Ivy which has come to Cobham and it is my suggested eatery at every opportunity. It is so beautiful and Sophie loves having wander round their beautiful garden which as it is closed for dining means we don't get in anyones way too.
What little one doesn't love a trip to the park? We are so lucky to have one right next to our new house, which we tend to visit most afternoons that I'm not at work. Sophie has always been independent and adventurous and loves climbing, spinning and sliding - and hates having to go home again!
And just playing in the autumn leaves - well thats an activity in itself... Have an amazing autumn everyone!

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