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Monday 21 March 2016

Signature Scents: Molton Brown Dewy Lily of The Valley & Star Anise

Due to my return to work after mat-leave this second post in my ‘signature scent’ series is a little late… not having the magic nap time in my day to get my photography, editing etc done has slowed me up a bit! Although this post is delayed, hopefully you’ll enjoy. 

The first post in my signature scent series was a fresh citrus fragrance from Annick Goutal. This time I have opted for a more familiar brand, Molton Brown. Molton Brown is perfect for creating a signature fragrance, which to envelop your body and home as well as using as a perfume, as their main fragrances are available in a wide range of products including Eau de Toilette. 

Last month they launched Dewy Lily of The Valley & Star Anise to their fragrance collection which I absolutely love. To me is reminds me of walking through gardens of freshly cut grass with beds blooming with flowers - just perfect for spring days. As pretty as it is to wear, it also fills your home with a beautiful freshness - as if you have flung open all of the windows. The meadow green packaging of the products is just so pretty, especially with the addition of the illustrations of the Lily of the Valley on the bottles by the Floral Society.

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Monday 14 March 2016

Mani Monday: Sweet Melody

Spring has sprung! Tulips and daffodils are adorning my vases and the sun is shining - Hurrah! Although with the joy the spring time brings, I've not been wishing away winter as maternity leave comes to an end this week... Although I'm feeling so sad that this amazing year is coming to an end, I'm sure that as soon as I step through the door I'll really enjoy being back. 

To bring some spring-time cheer I have opted for a pretty pink to adorn my nails this week, not to pastel as my skin is super pale from winter hibernation and not too bright either. Super girlie, I'm really enjoying this shade. I haven't tried IBD nail polishes before - it is a gel polish applied at my local nail bar, similar to Shellac. It is wearing really well so far and I've had it on for a week.

I'm not sure any nail polish can get me over my leaving-Sophie-saneness, but its doing a pretty good job....


Tuesday 8 March 2016

Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams

Oh Clarins - you've nailed it. I do love a bit of skincare, but this two little beauties have really transformed my skin over the past few weeks. My grey-ing skin was also having a breakout and I was having to layer up the makeup to look vaguely human after sleep regression hit my little girl. Although I was still piling on Reship oil and other skincare goodies, my skin just wasn't happy. After going for a facial at The Bamford Haybarn I was told that I needed to stick with a couple of products I know my skin liked to help clear the congestion rather than flitting between products in desperation as I had been.

Cue Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams.  Sure they were new and I hadn't used them before, but my skin always gets on well with Clarins products. Putting on the night cream, (£44 John Lewis) my skin felt dewy and hydrated - I knew it was going to be a goodie. Containing Califonian Poppy, it helps to compensated for lack of, or interrupted, sleep. In the morning I then followed with the day cream  (£42 Boots) which contains Myrothamnus - a plant that can withstand really dry conditions, so really clings on to the moisture in your skin, helping hydration. After a few days of this routine, my skin was already looking so much happier. Greyness and congestion disappearing and my normal happy skin was returning.

I will also add that baby Sophie was also starting to sleep a bit better during this time - but I am convinced that these products also really helped too.

Monday 7 March 2016

Signature Scents: Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien

Certain fragrances evoke all sorts of memories and emotions. Perfumes, for me doing this so much more. Catching a waft of a fragrance can transport me back to a certain moment, have waves of emotion hit, or have me looking round for an old friend. I love signature scents, that automatically remind me of a specific person and wish that I was able to have one myself - However, being far too fickle, I flit from one to the next.

In order to embed a signature fragrance, finding a scent which you can use in your body products and in your home in addition to wearing as a perfume is ideal.  For each Monday in March I am going to be introducing you to a selection of fragrance which you can do just that, and for the majority, the brands have a range of scents to choose from too.

Annick Goutal is a Parisian Perfumery, which is evident in the beautiful bottles, the cut glass, ribbons and bows have just enough Parisian pomf. Eau d'Hadrien is, however, inspired by the tuscan landscape, with a lemon, mandarin and grapefruits ripened by the Italian sun. A super fresh but effortlessly elegant fragrance, it is beautiful for spring and summer (EDT 50ml £67 Selfridges)

I LOVE the candle, (£45 John Lewis) how beautiful is the monogrammed golden striped glass? To totally emerge your home in the lemon grove, you can add the diffuser and home spray to your collection too.

There is also a wealth of body products to immerse yourself in, including this perfumed shower gel (£21 Amazon) - which is perfect for a zesty wakeup.

I hope you've enjoyed the fist instalment of my 'Signature Scents' post - we also have my favourite Jo Malone Fragrance and Molton Brown's newest scent as well as other fragrance you might not have tried....

Sunday 6 March 2016

My Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday seems to be bigger this year. Being my first year as a mother, I've probably paid more attention to it I suppose,. I wasn’t expecting any great shakes today as all I, sorry, baby Sophie managed for Father's Day was a card. However, I wanted to make my mum feel special this year. 

I spent a lovely afternoon this week in Jo Malone with my sister and one of their fragrance experts finding her beautiful fragrances that suit her personality and layer together well. I just can't wait to give her the beautiful box of goodies that I know she will love and enjoy.

This week my sister and I also took her out for afternoon tea at one of our favourite local hotels - Great Fosters with our little girls. Taking time out to enjoy each other's company was as big a pleasure for my sister and I as it was for mum - being busy mum's  ourselves. The Watch Shop generously treated us as part of their Mum's On The Go campaign, so we sat back drunk vast amounts of tea and nibbled yummy sandwiches, scones and cakes whilst baby Sophie and her cousin Evie kept us entertained. Being such a wet and miserable day on Wednesday we sat in front of a massive roaring fire on squidgy sofas watching the rain batter against the windows feeling contented and cozy. 

The final Mothering Sunday hurrah was supposed to be hosting the whole family today for a proper roast. Over indulging and sitting round the table for hours, is a favourite special Sunday pleasure. Sadly my mummy was poorly today (totally unfair on Mother’s Day!) so she had to miss out and dad looking after her. As the Ocado man had visited, my sister and her brood still dutifully came to help eat up the food! Mr BMB is the roast chef in my house and my sis whipped up a crumble… so other than a spot of washing up, I was spoilt.

And my poor mummy… well we will have to do it all again next week instead!

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