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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Nude and Neon: Model's Own Concrete Mixer and Malava Elle Orange

I do love a nude nail, and there is now every possible shade to choose from, from a sweet pink, through to the more muddy tones.

I've opted for the latter hue in Model's Own Concrete Mixer, but to add a little excitement and a nod to the neon, I've added a dot of the brightest orange I have in my collection at the bottom of the nail, as close to the middle as I could manage.

It is far from the beauty of the blog (Polished Indulgence) which inspired me, but I think is an improvement on my first attempt at nail art last week, and has a touch more class!
I do lack the required patience, applying my top coat too early and smudging the dot, so a few nails did need repeating. I found a quick brush over tended to streak less than a heavily laden slow brush of the top coat.... I'm getting there!


Monday 29 April 2013

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick Vibrant Pink

I normally play very safe with my lip colour, opting for the nude and pink hues, and only when I'm feeling particularly daring, maybe a berry red. However, Max Factor sent me the brightest of pink shades and the cute cubby stick dared me to throw caution to the wind and slick it on.

I really loved the bold look the Max Factor Colour Elixior Giant Pen Stick in Vibrant Pink (£6.99) added to my lips and twist to my look, so kept it on when I hit the shops yesterday morning. The matte colour is really long lasting, so I only needed a retouch at the end of my four our trip to Kingston, including a required cappuccino stop in the John Lewis Espresso Bar.

So, what do you think girls? Too bright, or a fun shade to see in Spring?

Friday 26 April 2013

Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener Part 1

I ahve such weak nails and having a minor obession with painted nails doen't help matters. Polishes do dry out your nails, and Gel Manicures, which I am really fond of are even worse.

I have tried out some many different nail oils, strengtheners and treatments and non have transformed my nails into the dimond strength talons of my dreams.

However at a recent beauty events on the PR girls shared her top nails secret with me: Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener. She did have amazingly long and strong nails, but some people just do... hoever, I thought I would give it a go.

I purchased Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener in the Renunail Reverse The Hands of Time Gift Set, which also included a hand cream, as it was discounted to the same price as the Nail Strengthener alone (£17.50/30ml).

RenuNail Nail Strengthener 30ml

To try and test to the max, I applied to my nails after removing my recent Shellac manicure and my nails are weak at the moment as removing the ProGel polish a few months ago really thinned my nails. Basically, my nails were in a state!

I have been SO pleased with the results as after the first application of two coats my nails felt really strong just like when I have a Gel Polish on. I then followed the instructions,  religiously painting another coat for 5 days and then removing on the 7th day. Even when I took the treatment off, my nails felt great.

I have to repeat this regime twice more to achieve the best results, so I will keep you posted! The only thing I don't like is that my nails look so borning 'naked' as I am only applying polish on the 6th day of the treatment, but I can live with that with results like these.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Nails of the day: Givenchy Le Vernis Nail Varnish Pourpre Defile

Although the sun has been shining, last nigh I shuned the cute icecream shades and laqured my talons with a rich, sumtious dark purple red hue. Perhaps this was indicative of the forcast for the drop in temperature for the weekend, however I'm loving the contrast between my nails and my muted pink skirt I am sporting today.
As you would expect with Givenchy the packaging is gorgeous. thick glass bottle a chrome and leather look lid, it looks so pretty on my dressing table!
The polish itself is quite thick and does take a while to dry, I used OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat to speed the process up!(£13.95)
Givenchy Le Vernis Nail Varnish Pourpre Defile is priced at £15

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Little Mix Nails by Elegant Touch

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the St Martin's Lane Hotel to attend the launch of a celebrity-beauty collaboration.

 Little Mix have teamed up with Elegant Touch to produce a range of nails wraps and press on nails designed by the girls in the group, with a little help from nail designer and amazing nails blogger Jenny Pasha. At the event Jenny talked us through the process of  developing the nails with each of the girls to create a set of nail wraps and press on nails to reflect each of the girls individual looks.

Little Mix's stylist Alexis Knox was also on hand to talk us through the girls' styles - such a lovely lady, who even gave me a few tips!

I perused the clothing styled by Alexis for the girls
Whilst we sipped on some bubbles and nibbles on little treats Elegant Touch's therapists treated us to a manicure of our choice from the range. 

As I was still rocking my Shellac Hot Pop Pink, I couldn't got for the press on nails, so opted for Perrie's Rocker chick nail wraps with studs and red glitter.

 I must admit I'm not a massive fan of any nails wraps, as they file down as beautifully as I'd like, as you can see in the snap above, but I really loved the designs and the fake nails look perfect on and last up to a week.

 Here are the press on nails in all their glory!

The nail wraps are priced at £4.99 and the false nails at a pound more, available from New Look.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Nails of the day: Spotty Barry M Mint Green and Peach Melba

As you will have seen from my previous Nails of the day posts, I don't usually go in for much nail art. However, inspired by nail blogger Fundamentally Flawless I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Nail art is difficult, so for my first attempt I found willing volunteer Victoria, who I supplied Rose to whilst decorating her nails. She picked Barry M Mint Green and Peach Melba from my polish collection and I teamed them up to give her spotty talons.

I applied a base coat in alternating shades and then popped a splodge of each colour onto some shiny paper (I used and old edition of Grazia) let the polish start to dry, then used a tooth pick to add the contrasting colour spots.

 I popped a top coat over a little too early, which caused some smudging, but I didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt! Victoria has requested stripes next time, so I better get practising...!

Monday 22 April 2013

Dinner at Downton

On Friday night my sister treated me to an amazing meal at a local pop up restaurant at the beautiful Byfleet Manor. As well as being a treat for the taste buds, the venue was equally exciting as Byfleet Manor is the venue used for filming on of my TV favourites, Downton Abbey, not the Abbey itself, obviously, but the Dowager's house (Maggie Smith's character). We were also joined by a couple of friends for a fabulous foodie girls night.

Ladies of the manor

Although Byfleet Manor is a private residence, the talented Aneke has partnered with them to host these pop up nights. She is working to achieve michelin star status, and her food certainly reflects that. 

After bubbles and beautiful canap├ęs we were brought through to the dinning room where our menu was waiting to be perused...

 Each of the courses were really small and delicate and we were given enough time to eat and digest, so even mini-Victoria was able to eat everything we were served up, it was far to delicious to leave anything on our plates!

Dinner at Downton is priced at £45 per person with BYO drinks, it you are interested in attending a future evening, keep looking at the Food By Aneke website. and I'll try and keep you updated too.


Wednesday 17 April 2013

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara

Mascara has always been the one beauty item I can't bear to leave the house without, and in the good old days when my skin was naturally luminescent I quick flick and I was ready to go. Therefore always on the lookout for a new goodie to add to my collection, but as you've guessed I'm a tough customer to please; volume and length are essential if I'm going to give a wand a second look!
I was recently sent Lash Vegas by Barry M which features a new spiral shaped brush that has been specifically designed to separate, define and reach the smallest of lashes. The wand was much smaller than I expected, most volume sing mascaras at the moment have really chunky brushes but this slim design does make presision application easy also makes lashes look longer.
This little beauty is currently serving as my daily mascara, not overpowering for work, but gives the volume and length I love for £6.49

Friday 12 April 2013

Dove Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot

My hair is super dry naturally and which combined with my love of styling with heat leads to my locks becoming slightly parched. So once a fortnight I try to treat my hair to some deep conditioning to get it shiny one again.

Dove is due to launch two new conditioning treatments and this morning I popped on the Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot, which comes in a single does tube, which you smooth through after shampooing. I really love this as you only need to leave in on for a minute, compared to other conditioning treatments which direct you to keep on for 5 mins plus. So this is a good choice for a work morning!
Although the tube is small I found there was plenty to cover my long tresses, and when rinsed out my hair felt super soft and happy. I has a fresh and subtle fragrance, although with a mask I do love a richer luxurious aroma! My hair was snag free when I combed through, which is really unusual but wasn't heavy or greasy meaning after blow-drying my hair was bouncy and shiny. Result! I can't wait to try out the other treatment,  Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask and I'll keep you updated on the results...x
Dove Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot is £1.49 for a 120ml tube.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Nails of the day: CND Shellac Hot Pop Pink and Ted Baker Sugar Rush

The second Nails of The Day post this week! As I mentioned on Monday, I went to G&G in South Kensington last Friday with my lovely friend Victoria for 'Treat Day' where she opted for a Shellac in Cake Pop I went for a super-cute spring bright pink which I love! Although I was slightly jealous of Victoria's accent nail so this evening I have brushed on Ted Baker Sugar Rush on to my ring fingers, which contains a combination of medium and large glitter particles.

Sugar Rush comes in a nail posh due with Cherry Bomb for £8.50 available from Boots.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

No7 Spring Collection

I was sent No 7's Spring Collection a good while back, however, the snow, cold and general gloom put me off trying it out and showing it off to you. However, as the weather is more spring-like today - here it is!

The Moisture Drench Lipstick in Waterlily is really flattering and the moisturising formula makes your lips happy too (£9.50).

The Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette is darling, with the cutest little bow (hardly viable in the pic) to finish it off.  The colours are girlie pink and add real warmth to the completion  (£12).

The iridescent Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Starry Lights is a gorgeous tone between cream, nude and gold which would look gorge blended with a chocolate brown shade.

Tada! Here I am with all these lovely goodies on, including their BB cream (£12.95), which I have reviewed previously here (still my fav BB and one I wear daily...!) I will be trying out the nail polish, a pink-nude sparkler called Tip Toes (£6) for a Nails of The Day post sometime soon.


Monday 8 April 2013

Nails of the day: CND Shellac Cake Pop and Grapefruit Sparkle

Has the sun eventually arrived? Whether it is here to stay or not, I am embracing spring shades and am LOVING my gorgeous friend's Victoria's nails. We headed to G&G in South Kensington on Friday for a Shellac manicure - the only type of manicure I will spend my pennies on! She opted, with a bit of gentle persuasion, for CNDs Sweet Dreams collection. Cake pop is just the cutest pale pink shade that nails the ice cream tend without being overly sugary. To finish off her manicure to perfection a layer of Grapefruit Sparkle was popped on her ring fingers which has the tiniest of sparkles added to the polish to be really subtle and not too Barbie.

Beautysets - Nails of the Day CND Shellac Cake pop

Friday 5 April 2013

Boots Give It A Go Event: Mark Hill Hair & No 7 Lips

A few weeks ago Boots held an event to celebrate their new 'Give It A Go' mantra where we were treated to manicures (see mine here on a previous post) hair styling and mini make-overs.

Normally I am a nude-pink lips fan, but jumping on the 'Give It A Go' band wagon I was persuaded into this bright shade - Love Red by No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick (£9.50).

My hair was styled by one of the Mark Hill team where she created this modern take on the victory roll. A really quick up do, where the sides of my locks were twisted round and reunited to give a low side pony. To recreate this, add a styling mousse (such as Mark Hill's Va Va Voom Volumising Blow Dry Mousse £5.99/200ml) to your hair when you wash it to give your locks some volume and extra hold).

We were also treated to some bubbles and the cutest No 7 cake pops whilst the professionals took care of our hair, nails and lips - its a hard life!

Luckily all of this pampering and preening didn't go to waste as Mr blogmebeautiful took me out for cocktails and dinner in London's Covent Garden. What a perfect day.

So ladies, can you be inspired to 'Give it a go' this season? Check out Boots ideas here or look up #bootsgiveitago on twitter.
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