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Friday, 12 April 2013

Dove Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot

My hair is super dry naturally and which combined with my love of styling with heat leads to my locks becoming slightly parched. So once a fortnight I try to treat my hair to some deep conditioning to get it shiny one again.

Dove is due to launch two new conditioning treatments and this morning I popped on the Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot, which comes in a single does tube, which you smooth through after shampooing. I really love this as you only need to leave in on for a minute, compared to other conditioning treatments which direct you to keep on for 5 mins plus. So this is a good choice for a work morning!
Although the tube is small I found there was plenty to cover my long tresses, and when rinsed out my hair felt super soft and happy. I has a fresh and subtle fragrance, although with a mask I do love a richer luxurious aroma! My hair was snag free when I combed through, which is really unusual but wasn't heavy or greasy meaning after blow-drying my hair was bouncy and shiny. Result! I can't wait to try out the other treatment,  Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask and I'll keep you updated on the results...x
Dove Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot is £1.49 for a 120ml tube.

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