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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hair extensions

I have always wanted the long, thick flowing curls I was never blessed with. Sadly my hair refuses to grow any longer than shoulder length and I've tried all manner of thickening sprays, serums, shampoos and treatments with limited effect.

The duchess (of Cambs, obviously) is my hair hero, and in the run up to W-day I have realised that the only way to get hair like hers is to fake it.
Kate Middleton hair 300x234 Kate Middleton hair
Being a hair extension 'virgin' I've chatted to my friends about it for months, none of which have ever had them. Their responded have ranged from disbelief that I'm will end up looking like an extra from 'The only way is Essex' to hugely encouraging.

After deliberations with my hairdresser Aimee (at Kasush Cambridge) I opted for some clip in extensions, rather going the whole hog with getting them glued in. This has some serious benefits; as you don't wear the hair everyday it doesn't have to be such high quality, so is at least half of the price. If I hated it I could rearrange or remove it easily and it is less damaging on my natural hair. Seeing as every hair on my hair is precious to me, this was a massive plus! Finally, you don't have to use special shampoos and conditions on your hair.

I bought my extensions at Sally Services where the ladies picked out the perfect shade for me. If you are between shades, get the lighter colour, which you can dye to match (it's harder, and more damaging to lighten).

As soon as I got them home my lovely friend Katharine clipped them in for me, I felt like repunsal they were so long and straight, they looked really fake! (remember Dee from Neighbours?!) so this evening I took them into my hairdresser and she trimmed and styled them for me (for no charge, love her).

The extensions I bought are American Pride Easy Extensions Luxury Edition (£59.99) Colour 4 (Mocha Brown),  which have 9 different clip in sections, with instructions as to where to put them. I wore them to a wedding before I have them cut (pinned up) and they stayed put all day, I was really impressed.

So what do you think? Too TOWIE? x


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