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Tuesday 8 May 2012

imPRESS press on manicure

I've been really enjoying my 'standard' nail varnishes recently, I think it's because I can change the colours so frequently, but last week I finally got round to trying imPRESS press on manicure by Broadway Nails.

Cute 'bottle' packaging
In my excitement to apply, I only skim read the instructions so didn't realise there was a nail preparation wipe that I was meant to use first until it was too last (whoops!) but I did read that I should choose the press on nail for each of my own before I started, and I was surprised that I needed much smaller sizes than I first picked up.

The application is really easy; no messy glue, I just had to pull off the plastic from the back of the nail and pop onto your nail. Then after leaving for half an hour or so I then filed down slightly for a slightly rounder shape and reduce the length for my taste.

View from the back...

I liked the lace and butterfly pattern (Holla) I was sent to try out, but there are a range of 24 other designs and colours to check out. The 'Payback' leopard print looks so much fun!

The blurb says they can last up to a week, and I mine were still going strong four days on, but I took them off early in preparation for a wedding, as the design was right for my outfit. 
Removal was easy; peeling off from the side and using a little nail polish remover on the more persistent nails to prevent me damaging my nails!

I'm not the only fan of this product, they are also endorsed by Nicole Scherzinger who says "A women's nails are a great way to express her individuality and unique style. I have people asking all the time where I get my manicues and now the secrets out...Broadway Nails imPRESS"

imPRESS by Broadway Nails are avalible from Boots at £7.99 for plain colours and £8.99 for patterns.

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  1. i saw these in Boots but i wanted to read a review first, they look really pretty! x


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