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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Venus ProSkin

I've always been a Venus girl, there is no doubt that they are designed for women, rather than being a men's razor in pink plastic. This week the lovely ladies at Gillette sent me their new ProSkin range to try out.

Couldn't resist a snap of current Venus Goddess Jo Lo

This includes the five bladed ProSkin Sensitive which aims to reduce pressure and friction to prevent irritation of the skin. I remember when the 3 blade razor was launched an wonder how many we will go up to... However, I've found that it slides across the skin easily and I haven't had the 'plucked chicken' effect which I've ended up with with other razors which have caused skin irritation.

The other razor in the range is the ProSkin Moisture Rich, a triple blade with built in shave gel bars with body butters, great for a super-quick shave as it glides across your skin without the need for layering on the shave gel.

Both razors come with stands, the Moisture Rich being super compact which I love, as it reduces the clutter in my shower (much required).

Venus SatinCare Pure & Delicate Shave Gel, Specially designed for sensitive skin and fragrance free, completes the collection perfectly.

Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor with one cartridge and Showerpod £9.99
Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor with two cartridges £10.99


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