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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Hair by Mark Hill: Power Plait and Sleek Pony

Pre London Fashion Week I attended a Feel Like New event held by Boots where the team from Mark Hill were at hand to demonstrate how to create two hot trends for spring. Blogging pal Maddie and I decided to trial both of the styles - Maddie with her already glossy locks and great cheek bones opting for the Sleek Pony and I went for the more low-maintenance Power Plait. Lewis, my Hair Guru talked me through how to recreate both looks and we made a video for you to have a try to!

The products used are all listed below, buy Mark Hill and available at Boots.
Beautysets - Mark Hill Hair Boots Lets feel like new

Friday 21 February 2014

Braun SensoCare Styler: Super Straight and Beach Waves

I love styling my hair, so when Braun asked me to try out their new SensoCare Styler* (£89.99) to create some different looks I was keen to take up the challenge.

The cleaver SensoCare Styler adjusts it's temperature according to the moisture content of your hair to prevent damage and aid styling. You also enter the details about your hair (length, thickness and whether it is coloured) into the styler when you first set it up to get the best treatment for your locks.

Braun suggested I try some key looks created by their UK style director Peter Beckett, which they sent me how to videos, which you can follow with most other stylers too I recreated the Super Straight and Beach Waves. 

This look was really easy to follow and I kept my hair in the mini buns to cool for a few hours but even then the waves did fall out after a couple of hours as I didn't use any hairspray - so make sure you do! I wore this for a casual Sunday, but I think it would look fabulous for a Summer evening too.

The straight look again was easy for the main part, but I found creating the kinks at the roots tricky, but I will keep persevering as although I love super straight locks, I miss having that uplift at the roots. I created this style for going out for cocktails with the girls as shiny straight locks need to be shown off!

 What I liked about using the Braun styler was I didn't worry about frying my hair - which does concern my when going over multiple time with heat!
The styler was easy to use, although I would have liked the lead to be a little longer to give more manoverability.  

*PR sample

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Dove Beauty Blossom Creme

Spring is trying to break through and to celebrate I have changed my body moisturiser to Dove's Beauty Blossom
Cream. The light floral scent is totally ready for the change of season but the cream is heavy duty enough to see your skin through the cold weather and central hearing.

I've been using some seriously thick moisturiser over winter, so don't feel this cream is overly creamy, but if you've been using a lighter version, it might take a few days to get used to, but worth sticking it out for the super soft skin it results in. Just remember less is more in application...


Monday 17 February 2014

Mani Monday: white nails by Sophy Robson

This week at an event for Boots I meet nail guru Sophy Robson, who as well as educating me on the nail trends for SS14 also treated me to a mani.

As white nails are such a huge trend, she gave me some tips for getting flawless, non-streaky coverage. Make sure you use two thin coats and use a light touch, so you don't put streaks into the polish, especially on the second coat will help, but always easy said then done...!

Sophy had made a nail menu for the evening, which comprised of black geometric nail art on the white nail. As my nails are currently quite short from too much DIY, Sophy suggested the arrow shape without the inner stipes to help lengthen my nails.

I really loved the design and got so many compliments on this simple design, which is totally achievable with a nail striping brush. First pop on 2 coats of your fav white polish (such as Essie in Blanc £7.99 or Seventeen in Mini Skirt £2.99) and then use a striping brush to paint on the thin lines to a point at the centre of the nails in a black polish, two coats will give the best finish. Sophy used No 7 Just Black £6 on my nails. Then finish off with your fav top coat to help the mani last.


Friday 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Pressies

Valentines day gifts are always something I leave until the very last minute, and in case you do too, here are a few goodies to suggest you'd like to your other half, or an idea to grab on your lunch break.

Beautysets - Valentines
For the girls:
1) Biba Candice cross body bag (£95 reduced from £125)
2) Cowshed Horny Cow Candle (£30)
3) The White Company Spring Cosy Slippers (£30)

For the boys:
1) Gillet Fusion ProGlide Razor (£13.99)
2) Ted Baker W&M fragrance gift set (£10)
3) L'Occitan shower gel (£18)

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Lips of the day: Zao Essence of Nature

I love a new lip colour and have recently discovered this little beauty from Zao Essence of Nature. It comes in the cutest little bag and bamboo packaging.

As well as using sustainable packaging, the range is also made using 100% natural! organic and fair trade ingredients - which are obviously non animal tested. You can then just buy to pup products at a reduced price to pop into the packaging from your first purchase. Although this is a great idea, I do so etimes end up pulling out the plastic holder when I'm just trying to take the lid off!
 Being pre-spring, I am loving the dark red shade (465) £14.95*, which is really smooth on the lips and not too dark but a really rich colour. I tried the matt variety, but Nao also have a range of pearly shades too.

*PR sample

Monday 10 February 2014

Valentines' Mani Monday: Revlon Cherry Crush with Nail Jewels

It maybe a little early, but last night I formulated my valentine themed mani. Sticking to tradition, I wanted a red or pink varnish, so started perusing my collection, which in these shades is reasonably well stocked. 

I contemplated the fun bright shades as we are verging on spring, but decided to go for the rich (one could say passionate!) shade of Revlon's Cherry Crush. In my mind I thought I would use a nail art pen to draw some cute hearts on my thumb and ring finger nails. But I always rush on too soon before the base coat is properly dry and ended up in a mess. So I recoated the sad accent nails and glammed them up with some nail jewels which came as part of the nail are pen set, and I really like the result. Not massively valentines themed, but red and diamonds  nod at the 14th of Feb.


Wednesday 5 February 2014

Lash Lift at The Little Palour Weybridge

I love to emphasise my lashes, they make me feel feminine, pretty and girlie. I pretty much refuse the leave the house without at least a quick layer of mascara and love getting lash extensions. So when my  favourite beauticians asked if I fancied trying their new 'lash lift' treatment, I jumped at the chance.

I'd been looking at images online of the treatment, and the results looked amazing, so I was interested to see the results on my lashes, as my eyelashes are naturally quite curly and I don't really bother using eyelash curlers, so was worried there wouldn't be any difference after the 45 minute treatment. In contrast to lash perming, the lashes are bent upwards, lifitng them, rather then having a curl put in, giving extra definition.

The treatment starts with little sticky cushions bing placed on your lashes, so prevent any of the lotions getting on them and effecting them in any way, this can feel a bit strange the first time you have them on, but having had lash extensions a few times I'm used to it now. Then silicon sheilds are placed on your eyelid, which have a bump on them around which your lashes are adhered to. There are 3 different sizes, which give a variety of different lifts, I went for the smallest! which gives the biggest difference. Per ing lotion is then applied and left for 10-15 minutes, this is then removed, a neutiliser is then popped on and left for another 10-15 minutes, after which the lashes are tinted, which only takes a couple of minutes, then a conditioning balm is applied to condition the lashes and detach them from the shield.

The treatment isn't uncomfortable at all, so you can use the time to have a nap, but I chatted away happily to the lovely Natalie whilst she was doing my treatment. The a Little Palour are currently running a promotion for a half price shellac mani when you have a lash fit, so your nails are being prepped whilst this treatment is running.

So, the results! I was super happy with the treatment, which made even my non mascaraed lashes look longer, more defined and feminine, which made my eyes look brighter and more alert. When mascara is applied there is a huge difference, as the lashes are bent upwards, so you see so much more of them, giving a natural lengthening effect. 

The effect of the treatment lasts for approximately 6 weeks, which it love, as I just don't have the time for a treamtment which required regular upkeep! The cost at The Little Palour Weybridge is £45 abut can be up to £100 in other salons.


Monday 3 February 2014

Mani Monday: Ted Baker Faked to Perfection

Having spent the weekend decorating, my nails are in a complete state, so this week a fake mani was in order. Feeling spring like with the lovely sunshine from the last few days, this floral mani spoke to me. As my nails were feeling so sorry for themselves I couldn't bring myself to use the nail glue included in the Ted Baker kit* and instead opted for some spar adhesive pad I have left over from an Elegant Touch set.

This mani is in a classic Ted Baker print and now it is February, and in my book, officially spring, perfect to be brining in he new season. I'm pairing the mani with a plain black dress and heels to cheer up my Monday morning.

*PR sample 
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