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Friday, 21 February 2014

Braun SensoCare Styler: Super Straight and Beach Waves

I love styling my hair, so when Braun asked me to try out their new SensoCare Styler* (£89.99) to create some different looks I was keen to take up the challenge.

The cleaver SensoCare Styler adjusts it's temperature according to the moisture content of your hair to prevent damage and aid styling. You also enter the details about your hair (length, thickness and whether it is coloured) into the styler when you first set it up to get the best treatment for your locks.

Braun suggested I try some key looks created by their UK style director Peter Beckett, which they sent me how to videos, which you can follow with most other stylers too I recreated the Super Straight and Beach Waves. 

This look was really easy to follow and I kept my hair in the mini buns to cool for a few hours but even then the waves did fall out after a couple of hours as I didn't use any hairspray - so make sure you do! I wore this for a casual Sunday, but I think it would look fabulous for a Summer evening too.

The straight look again was easy for the main part, but I found creating the kinks at the roots tricky, but I will keep persevering as although I love super straight locks, I miss having that uplift at the roots. I created this style for going out for cocktails with the girls as shiny straight locks need to be shown off!

 What I liked about using the Braun styler was I didn't worry about frying my hair - which does concern my when going over multiple time with heat!
The styler was easy to use, although I would have liked the lead to be a little longer to give more manoverability.  

*PR sample

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