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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lash Lift at The Little Palour Weybridge

I love to emphasise my lashes, they make me feel feminine, pretty and girlie. I pretty much refuse the leave the house without at least a quick layer of mascara and love getting lash extensions. So when my  favourite beauticians asked if I fancied trying their new 'lash lift' treatment, I jumped at the chance.

I'd been looking at images online of the treatment, and the results looked amazing, so I was interested to see the results on my lashes, as my eyelashes are naturally quite curly and I don't really bother using eyelash curlers, so was worried there wouldn't be any difference after the 45 minute treatment. In contrast to lash perming, the lashes are bent upwards, lifitng them, rather then having a curl put in, giving extra definition.

The treatment starts with little sticky cushions bing placed on your lashes, so prevent any of the lotions getting on them and effecting them in any way, this can feel a bit strange the first time you have them on, but having had lash extensions a few times I'm used to it now. Then silicon sheilds are placed on your eyelid, which have a bump on them around which your lashes are adhered to. There are 3 different sizes, which give a variety of different lifts, I went for the smallest! which gives the biggest difference. Per ing lotion is then applied and left for 10-15 minutes, this is then removed, a neutiliser is then popped on and left for another 10-15 minutes, after which the lashes are tinted, which only takes a couple of minutes, then a conditioning balm is applied to condition the lashes and detach them from the shield.

The treatment isn't uncomfortable at all, so you can use the time to have a nap, but I chatted away happily to the lovely Natalie whilst she was doing my treatment. The a Little Palour are currently running a promotion for a half price shellac mani when you have a lash fit, so your nails are being prepped whilst this treatment is running.

So, the results! I was super happy with the treatment, which made even my non mascaraed lashes look longer, more defined and feminine, which made my eyes look brighter and more alert. When mascara is applied there is a huge difference, as the lashes are bent upwards, so you see so much more of them, giving a natural lengthening effect. 

The effect of the treatment lasts for approximately 6 weeks, which it love, as I just don't have the time for a treamtment which required regular upkeep! The cost at The Little Palour Weybridge is £45 abut can be up to £100 in other salons.


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