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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Nude and Neon: Model's Own Concrete Mixer and Malava Elle Orange

I do love a nude nail, and there is now every possible shade to choose from, from a sweet pink, through to the more muddy tones.

I've opted for the latter hue in Model's Own Concrete Mixer, but to add a little excitement and a nod to the neon, I've added a dot of the brightest orange I have in my collection at the bottom of the nail, as close to the middle as I could manage.

It is far from the beauty of the blog (Polished Indulgence) which inspired me, but I think is an improvement on my first attempt at nail art last week, and has a touch more class!
I do lack the required patience, applying my top coat too early and smudging the dot, so a few nails did need repeating. I found a quick brush over tended to streak less than a heavily laden slow brush of the top coat.... I'm getting there!


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