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Friday, 26 April 2013

Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener Part 1

I ahve such weak nails and having a minor obession with painted nails doen't help matters. Polishes do dry out your nails, and Gel Manicures, which I am really fond of are even worse.

I have tried out some many different nail oils, strengtheners and treatments and non have transformed my nails into the dimond strength talons of my dreams.

However at a recent beauty events on the PR girls shared her top nails secret with me: Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener. She did have amazingly long and strong nails, but some people just do... hoever, I thought I would give it a go.

I purchased Dr Lewinns Nail Strengthener in the Renunail Reverse The Hands of Time Gift Set, which also included a hand cream, as it was discounted to the same price as the Nail Strengthener alone (£17.50/30ml).

RenuNail Nail Strengthener 30ml

To try and test to the max, I applied to my nails after removing my recent Shellac manicure and my nails are weak at the moment as removing the ProGel polish a few months ago really thinned my nails. Basically, my nails were in a state!

I have been SO pleased with the results as after the first application of two coats my nails felt really strong just like when I have a Gel Polish on. I then followed the instructions,  religiously painting another coat for 5 days and then removing on the 7th day. Even when I took the treatment off, my nails felt great.

I have to repeat this regime twice more to achieve the best results, so I will keep you posted! The only thing I don't like is that my nails look so borning 'naked' as I am only applying polish on the 6th day of the treatment, but I can live with that with results like these.

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