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Friday 16 August 2013

Boots Perfect Finish Clear Nail Glue

I had a tiny nick in the side of my nail before I got my shellac manicure and the lovely nail technician popped some nail glue under the polish to keep it together. A few days later observer I managed to catch my nail and it split low down half way across my nail. I really didn't now what was the best thing to do, the split was so low down that I cutting it down that low would be really sore Nd it I caught it again it would be really painful. I tried popping some top coat over but it didn't hold the tear for more than a few minutes, so I headed to Boots to see if there was a product to help before I just plastered up the nail. 

Hurrah for Boots as I found Perfect Finish Clear Nail Glue, it's main use is to glue on false nails but it was also for nail repairs. I applied the glue in tiny drops over the crack, allowing to dry before adding more coats. Try to keep the nail still, as it is really runny and I did end up with glue down my thumb, but when it was completely dry I was able to rub off, more difficult to get rid of was the glue that got underneath my nail, but this was less annoying than the broken nail, so I can live with it! I then applied a layer of polish that matched my shellac colour really closely - problem slowed for £2.50.


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