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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nouveau Lashes at Refresh Beauty

This weekend i will be waving goodbye to  the sweaty UK and heading to the French  riviera. One of my top holiday preps is lash extensions. I really hate waterproof mascara, it takes ages to scrub off leaving my eye area sore. The alternative of sticking to my regular mascara results in panda eyes after a dip. Eyelash extensions applied well give the look of the best mascara that doesn't budge.

You may have seen my post on 3D lashes that ive have a few times, but I do love to try all the options so this time have gone for Nouveau Lashes at one of my favourite beauticians, Refresh Beauty in Chobham Surrey. Each lash is applied individually to your existing lashes, so a full set does take about an hour, as you have your eyes closed, i used this asan opportunity to have a pre-hols nap, which was much required after the rushing around id been doing.

I absolutely love the result and it is so nice to wake up and look in the mirror without getting a nasty surprise! The lashes do need a little but of TLC if they are to last the maximum 3-4 weeks. The main way to do this is to touch them as little as possible, don't put any extra mascara on top (why would you want to?) and we super careful wen removing other eye make up. I recommend using a cotton wool bud with some gentle makeup remover.

A full set of nouveau lashes cost around £50-60 dependent on your beautician and you can get infills added to maintain them.

Update: Melissa at Refresh Beauty is currently running a promotion on their facebook page for a full set of lashes for £24 and 10% off infills.
The lashes she used for my extensions are medium thickness and length 11. 

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