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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Venus Olay Fashion Challenge with Whitney Port

A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a fashion challenge for the new Venus Olay Razor, to be judged by their brand ambassador, fashion designer and star of The Hills, Whitney Port.

The challenge was to customize a pair of denim shorts, using the gold accessories that I was provided...

I recently came back from holiday where I left my razor at home, so used disposables which tore my legs to shreds and left my skin really dry, so when I returned and used my new Venus Olay razor* (£10.99), it felt so luxurious and smooth on my skin, due to the spring mounted bladed and added Olay Moisturiser. To reflect this, I wanted to give my shorts a luxe look, so decided to cover one leg with antique gold sequins. I started off trying to glue them, however, they didn't stick too well, so resorted to old-school needles and thread. Although I sewed the sequins on in rough lines, I didn't want them to look to regimented, to give a more natural finish. I was so pleased with the result and and the back looked a bit sad without any sequins, so I cut open one of the back pockets and popped them in their too, with the same design. I really hope Whitney likes them!

* PR sample

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