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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hairdryer Hero: Toni & Guy TGDR5356UK 2000W Touch Control Tourmaline Salon Hair Dryer

Up until recenlty I really thought a hairdryer was a pretty standard piece of kit, some were bigger which got hotter so dried your hair faster, some smaller, lighter but took longer. How wrong I was!

When my tiny travel hairdyer that I used everytime I washed my hair started to overheated every 10 seconds and cut out and the hinge broke so you had to hold it by the barrel, I was berated by a friend for having the worst hair dryer ever, so I decised the time had come to make an investment.

So on trawling the internet I found the Toni & Guy TGDR5356UK 2000W Touch Control Tourmaline Salon Hair Dryer and it seemed to meet all the requirementsI researched   that a hair dryer should have, that my last lacked. Multi heat and air flow, cool shot, lightweight, slim nozzle, LED screen and ions were all featured.

It is much larger than my mini travel hairdryer I was used to, but the weight is very similar and Ive found angling it around my head very achievable. The highest heat and fan speed is fab for rough drying, where as the cooler heats are better for use with a barrel brush.
The speed I can now tame my mane at is super impressive and the ions defiantly keep my hair tangle free for ages. I cant now believe I struggled along with the dodgy travel one for so long...

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