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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue

DIY is major exercise, this weekend I was painting some of the newly plastered walls in my house and was exhausted. Stupidly I didn't think about stretching my painting muscles pre or post and woke up the next day with most of my body feeling seriously sore.

That evening I decided to test out Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak* (£5.49/200ml) which contains electrolyte minerals to help combat sore aching muscles. The essential oils of Rosemary, Orange and Patchouli give a really nice fragrance, which was i wasn't really expecting and the bubbles were really good too.

I've never used deep heat cream before, but I decided to go all in and got mr blogmebeautiful to administer the Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream* (50g/£5.99) to mine (I'm not built for home improvements). The design is really good,  as there is a sponge built into the top,so you can squeeze the cream onto the applicator and use to rub in without getting the cream onto you hands, which can then end up in eyes - where you REALLY don't want deep heat! A few minutes after application the heat and tingles set in, and i decided that deep heat isn't really for me, so an impromptu shower was needed... 

So my final verdict, loved the muscle soak. If you like the sensation of deep heat, the applicator and Rosemary and Vanilla fragrance would make the cream a winner too.

*PR samples

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