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Thursday, 3 May 2012

17 Magnetized Nail Polish Lilac

I love nail art, but the my unsteady hands and lack of patients means I'm never going to be successful. Nail polishes with effects offer a more interesting nail look with minimum effort.

I've tried out 17's lastest offering, a polish containing magnetic properties which create a pattern when you hover a magnet over the nail before it dries.

It was relatively easy, as the magnet is within a cap over the lid, which has a finger shaped rest to help you keep it the right height above the nail. However I did manage to end up wobbling, the magnet touching and smudging the nail meaning I had to start the nail over.

As you only apply one layer of polish, a clear topcoat is essential as otherwise chipping is far too easy! I went for the Lilac shade which is a dark purple, but three other shades are currently available, Gun metal (silver/grey), Blue and Teal. Normally priced £5.99/10ml Boots are currently offering a pound off, run down to the shops!

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