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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Schwarzkopf Play it Straight Launch

The other week I headed to Covent Garden's Circus bar and restaurant for Schwarzkopf's launch of Play It Straight, a semi-permanent home straightening treatment from their got2b range. Invented to tame your inner hair monster and prevent bad hair days.

As well as previewing the new product, Schwarzkopf treated us to a nail bar and hair studio to look our best for the event. The lovely ladies at Schwarzkopf not only were kind enough to send me home with Play It Straight to try, on my way out I was directed to the most AMAZING pick n'mix stand where as well as lots of calorific goodies to gobble on my train home, there were a selection of beauty treats - I was in heaven!

So a few weeks ago I tried out the straightening kit. Made of two parts, the straightening serum which you apply after shampooing and leave on combed hair for 20 mins, rinse and add the sealing treatment which is left on for another 10 mins. After another rise I then blow-dried and straightened my locks as recommended and found my hair to be super straight as promised.
post-treatment (and without make up-sorry!)
My hair is easily tangled so it was a touch challenging to get the comb through my locks without conditioning! I also got a bit fed up of rinsing my hair, as this needs to be done three times during the treatment (four if you decide to use a regular conditioner after treatment!) which makes it quite time consuming.

My hair does straighten easily with blow drying (and GHDs...!) and I found my hair was super straight after the treatment not kinking as much as usual in the days after washing. However I didn't notice a dramatic difference which someone with wavier hair might have. Has anyone else tried Play It Straight? I'd love to hear what you think....

Schwarzkopf Play It Straight kit is priced around £6.99 for one treatment.

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