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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shellac removal

If you read my blog regularly you'll know how much I LOVE shellac nail varnish. The only issue I have is the removal. I have previously reccommended other ways of removal, but when I got my last treatment the therapist introduced me to a new way to de-robe your talons, which I thought I'd share with you.

My Shellac Gotcha varnish ready to remove... boo hoo...
Firstly grab some cotton wool, I used pads which I pulled in half and then divided each half into about six sections.

I then dampened the cotton wool with Acetone (£1.50/50ml from my local chemist - its generally behind the counter!) then put in the middle of a strip of kitchen foil and wrap the tips of your fingers. This can be tricky, especially when doing your non-writing hand, my tip is to make sure you have prepared all your strips first, then pop them on.

space-man hands
After leaving for about 10 minute take your wraps of and you'll find the varnish has started to peel away, then scrap off the rest with an orange/cuticle stick. I then buffed my nails to smooth them out and smothered with nail oil. I used Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Cuticle and Nail Treatment (£5/1.5ml) but even olive oil will help moisturise the nail.

Hope that helpful and saves you paying to get your Shellac removed professionally!

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