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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection

Brushing your teeth is just part of my standard routine, I dont really concider it as a health or beauty benefit. However, when I think about it, I do want brighter, whiter teeth and will always pick the 'whitening' toothpastes in the supermarket, yellowing teeth will bot make your latest lip colour look its best!

Last night I headed out for dinner with the Oral B team, including brand ambassador Jo Whiley. They explained that 1 in 2 (yes half of us!) suffer from gum problems, which many of us are unaware of which can lead to tooth loss - mot a good look! I was also introduced to Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste which contains Stannous which kills bacteria and prevents them coming back. This super ingredient has been around a while, however it used to stain teeth but the clever Oral B scientists have stabalised the formula so this is no ponger a problem. In fact, the product claims to remove 96% if surface stains in 2 weeks, helping you get a Hollywood smile. Jo Whiley is a convert - claiming it is her  must have beauty product as her teeth and smile are the first thing viewers notice.

Having tried the toothpaste last night, it tastes really fresh and minty and my teeth  feel nice and clean - Ill keep you updated on any whitening I notice - and I hope I'll now be in the 50% if adults gum dusease free!

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