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Thursday 16 January 2014

Current skin care regime: SkinCeuticals

Correct, prevent, protect is the mantra of SkinCeuticals which I have been following for the last couple of months after attending a press event held by the brand.

After listening to all the scientific explaination, I had a one on one with the SkinCeuticals team and to discuss any issues I have with my skin. At a facial I had a while ago the therepist mentioned that I potentially had the very early signs of rosacea, which I mentioned. Due this, I was reccomended to use the Redness Neutraliser* (£69/50ml) as the correct step in my skin care regime. I popped it on that evening and I did really notice a reduction in redness the next morning, but no additional change since then.

As my prevent step, Serum 10* (£60/30ml) containing key ingredients of vitamin C and ferulic acidic protect against free radicals and premature aging of the skin. 4-5 drops of the vicious fiscous fluid is to be patted onto the skin after cleansing and the correct step.

My final step, Protect, is a super SPF 50 Ultra Facial Defense* (£30/30ml) moisturiser containing UVA and UVB filters. Despite this high UV protection and 24 hour hydration, it is really lightweight and non-colgging of the skin. The state if the art UV filters prevent photodamage, pigmentation and collagen breakdown.

Although SkinCeuticals is a pricey brand, you do feel like you are paying for the top class ingredients and scientific research rather than posh packaging (although it does all feel expensive!) and advertising. My skin doesn't really have many problem areas at the moment, but when using Rhee products I do feel like I am investing in my skin for the future.

*Press samples  


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