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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare

Over the summer I had the opportunity to meet with the founders of Radical skincare - sister team Liz and Rachel who are daughters of Dr Richard F Edlich - a professor of plastic surgery. Since then, I've been trying out some of their skincare products to see what all the hype is about.

I do really like the products and one of my favourites is the Hydrating cleanser (£30/120ml SpaceNK) which removes my makeup super easily and is really gentle on the skin and eyes - mine often sting after I use a cleanser to take off mascara but no sensitivity with this beauty. It also hydrates the skin too, so you don't get the tight post-cleansing sensation. Rating ****

I've then followed with the Youth Infusion Serum (£110/50ml SpaceNK) which, although over my budget for skincare, leaves my complexion feeling silky smooth and hydrated. It is also is super charges with anti-ageing ingredients to reduce wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Rating ***

Over the serum I've applied the Anti-Ageing Replenishing Extreme Moisture Cream (£100/50ml SpaceNK) which I've also really liked. It is golden brown in colour and glides onto the skin. I is infused with cutting edge ingredients to increase hydration by forming a second skin barrier - which prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin and fights free radicals. Rating ****

The Eye Revive Creme (£80/15ml SpaceNK) was also in my pack, but I couldn't get the dispenser to work - I ended up pulling the packaging apart to try it once and swatch it which is such a shame as I've heard great reviews. This 4in1 treatment is meant to hydrate, reduce wrinkles, puffiness and discolouration. When I tried it, the lightweight cream was quickly absorbed into my eye area and left the skin feeling hydrated.

Overall with the brand, I've been impressed at the hard working ingredients, the texture and fragrance of the products and (except the eye cream) the packaging is neat and handy too - I especially like the serum which twists to bring up the pump. So if you have some cash to slash on skincare, I'd take a good look at Radical.

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare


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