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Friday, 31 October 2014

Florence Anne Grapefruit and Lime Candle

Florence Anne Candles

I love a scented candle, coming home and lighting one is my get home from work ritual and just the act if striking the match seems to relax and destress me. For the past few weeks I have been burning the Florence Anne Grapefruit and Lime Candle (£12 from Boots) which looks very stylish and when I smelt the wax has a fresh and clean fragrance. I have been disappointed however, as the burning fragrance is not as intense as when you smell the unrelated wax and I hardly even notice it. So a pretty candle to offer atmospheric lighting and it won't detract from any yummy foodie smells when cooking, so maybe a good candle for a dinner party...

Florence Anne Candles

Florence Anne Candles


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