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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lush Bath Bombs

Lush Bath Bombs

People tend to be bath people or not. I fitted into the second category until a few months ago - why would you want to sit in water that got dirty around you? I am now a bit of a bath obsessive and most evenings I love to dim the lights, light up a few candles, get an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the iPad and relax. So good. Waiting for my train home from Waterloo is deadly with the little Lush store calling out to me, there are too many treats to fuel my new obsession and recently I’ve been trying out these three beauties. 
Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb

Honey Bee (£3.35) was the first to catch my eye, how pretty and spring-like is the bright yellow? Containing a trio of honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud it bubbles away to help soothe, moisturise and cleanse. It doesn’t have a strong smell, so I got a yummy scented candle burning that bath time. 

Lush Honey Rose Queen Bath Bomb

Rose Queen (£2.75) was a last minute addition to my basket, but even as the smallest has been my fave of the three. The floral fragrance is a really pretty combination of blossoms, which are present in petals that fill the tub. 

Lush Honey Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight (£3.35) is a perfect for a pre-bedtime-bath session. Containing lavender benzoin and tons to help aid sleep it fizzes away to give purple and blue swirls in your bath. As I’m getting to think of myself as a bit of a bath-pro now, I’ve also treated myself to a bath pillow - this really raises the game of a serious bather. I opted for the small waffle version from Champneys (£7 Boots) which I really recommend.

Champneys Bath pillow


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