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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Eau De Parfum from Valeur Absolue

A couple of months ago I headed up to London to meet with the Valeur Absolue team to hear all about their fragrances. This was ordinary fragrance launch - during my meeting I was educated on ho advertising of perfumes hasn't changed for decades and Valeur Absolue want to change how and why we buy different scents. Their fragrances as well as smelling beautiful and designed to make us feel a certain way too, by the carefully chosen mixture of fragrances. I mentioned one of the original fragrances - Sensualite in my Summer Scents post you can see here. The new additions are to help you feel serene and calm with Sérénitude Eau De Parfum £53.10/45ml House of Fraser and confident using Confiance Eau De Parfum £53.10/45ml also House of Fraser

Sérénitude has the velvety and creamy Damask Rose as its main fragrance and sandalwood which has calming and relaxing properties. However, the fragrance is actually really light and fresh, which is down to the additions of patchouli and benzoin. As with all Valeur Absolue perfumes, the beautiful bottles have semi-precious stones in them which I love. Sérénitude has Amazonite which is linked to protection.

The other new fragrance, Confiance has vanilla heart, which is using in medicine to promote growth in premature babies and calm claustrophobic patients in scanning machines! This combined with fruits and florals is a warm scent, as if you are being wrapped up in a cashmere blanket and features  orange carnelian stones.


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