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Friday, 11 September 2015

Baby Skincare

As a beauty obsessive, little baby Sophie has a draw full of baby skin-care goodies too. So as a dip-my-toe into doing some baby posts, I though blogging about baby skincare was familiar territory!

There are SO many baby skincare brands I was totally unaware of pre-baby and I've loved trying them out along with some more familiar and traditional brands.

Sophie loves her bath time with all the bubbles and the bottle goes down quite quickly, so I've opted for the budget friendly Johnson's baby bath (£3/500ml Tesco). I've used the traditional and recently the 'bedtime' variety, which contains soothing aromas to get baby relaxed and ready for sleep.

One of my favourite products at bath time is Ten Baby Cleansing Foam (£11/150ml Boots), it has a pump which converts the product into a foam as it is dispensed which I then rub all over baby's skin to wash of the day. Being free from the top ten nasties I feel confidant using it directly on my little one's skin. The calendula (from marigolds) and camomile are natural skin soothers and leave baby smelling yummy. I also love the shampoo (£11/200ml Boots) from this range too.

When I was pregnant my mum bought baby BMB a selection on Burt's Bee Baby Bee skincare goodies and I'm currently loving the Shampoo and Wash (£7.95/236ml John Lewis)- which I am using solely as a shampoo but can be used all over the body too. It has a plant based tear-free-formula which is gentle enough to use daily - which is handy as baby tends to have got sick in her hair at some point during the day!! The smell when I kiss baby good night on her head is just heavenly.

Another brand that I completely trust to use on my baby's precious skin, I have used Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser (£5.99/100ml Mothercare) which has been perfect for sorting out any dry patches without being greasy and has been much lighter to use than oils for giving Sophie a pre bed massage.

Although I have used the Bepanthen on Sophie's face, I have preferred using a special Baby Face Moisturiser and the Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics has been perfect. Containing white tea, lavender water, jojoba oil and shea butter is relieves any irritation and protects this delicate skin. My little tube is from the Starter Set which contains other minis (£14.99 Boots) or can be purchased individually in a larger size (£11.99/50ml Boots)

Sophie loves her bath time and I love wrapping her up in this bear eared hooded towel from The Little White Company (£22) before getting her in her pyjamas and tucking her into bed.


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