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Friday, 20 May 2016

Signature Scents: ETRO Ambra

ETRO Ambra

I had planned to write my ‘signature scents’ posts on each Saturday in April, well I totally failed there. Life gets in the way sometimes and I’d much rather enjoy the moment than get stressed about not blogging as much as I had hoped. I have, however, decided to stay at home today and catch up with my blog whilst Sophie has her naps. My camera battery has run flat and whilst my kitchen looks like a florists and a beauty counter are at war I have hurried upstairs to my study sanctuary to edit pic and write.

ETRO Ambra

Etro Ambra is my final post for now in my ‘signature scent’ series. These are fragrances that you can use as a perfume, for bath and body products and finally in your home to give a fragrance that encompasses your world. The opposite of some of the light and floral fragrances I have perviously mentioned, Ambra by Etro is heady rich and luxurious fragrance with sweet vanilla and musk base notes. Its different, individual and you’ll have people asking what perfume you are wearing. 

ETRO Ambra

ETRO Ambra

The fragrance is available in a shower gel and milk in these gorgeous tactile resin bottles as well as a candle to fill your home with the deep fragrance too. Not everyones cup of tea, but on warm summer skin this will be a fragrance I adore.

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