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Friday, 21 October 2016

Autumn Home Styling

I love Christmas, it can never start to early in my opinion. I love looking round the shops at all the decorations, planning for special meals and little touches to make it even more magical than the year before. My husband sensibly won't let me get any decorations up until 1st December so until then I'm giving my home a little autumn make-over. I love making little tweaks and changes around my house to keep things interesting and suiting the season. As we went very neutral with our decor (it is a bit of a grey palace!) and simple with our furnishings adding different colours and ornaments to change with the seasons works well and hopefully doesn't get too cluttered and busy.

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that pretty much every picture this month has contained my beautiful white pumpkins. I spotted them on pintrest last year and was desperate to find them. So this year I stared early in my hunting, asking at local garden centres and when they would be getting them in. Alleluia - I found the bigger variety at Crockford Bridge Farm Shop in local Wyevale Garden Centre and then found the funky pumpkin mecca at Garson's Farm in Esher a few days later. Since then I have spotted them at my local Waitrose - so everyone seems to be getting the white pumpkin obsession. I think they are a more stylish way to nod to the halloween vibe and they will suit most room styles too. 

I've been in love with my Lightbox since I bought it almost a year ago, changing the wording to suit the moment. So popping in a cozy autumn option seemed natural. If you are looking for more inspo for yours search they #lightbox hashtag on instagram for of-the-moment ideas.
As well as my white pumpkin corner in my kitchen, I've also gone for a white and orange stripy beauty in my formal lounge which I've teamed with a bowl vase full of pine cones on my faux leather tray. These ones are winter scented that I bought in a garden centre a few years back but finding your own would be even more fun.

My final pumpkins are sadly not real, I spotted these in Neptune Weybridge and had to take a few home with me (always three). I think they are a fabulous idea for inside decoration, not going to go mouldy or smelly and you can reuse them year after year. Also a good idea if you have little people about a real pumpkins can be rather heavy!

What ever the time of year is I always have blanket throws on the arms of chairs and sofas. Prefect for snuggling under in the garden on cool summer evenings, make shift picnic blankets, or for making den for Sophie. However, when it gets cooler I find myself wrapping up in them in the evenings watching TV. So to autumnify I've added to my collection and gone for this beauty with navy and mustard stripes along with my more standard grey and cream. Again this is from Neptune in Weybridge (Castlefield Throw) and I have been obsessing over it ever since it cam into store. This one is definitely for me - I'm not sharing!

Adding extra candles around also makes it feel more autumnal and changing my home scent to a warm and rich fragrance. I'm currently burning this Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay beauty, which fills the room with the aroma of woodland fruit picking walks....

Living in a period property we are lucky to enjoy original fireplaces, although we don't have a working fire as the chimneys would cost a fortune to re-line we do have a bioethanol burner to get the  fire-feel. I've added a big hurricane lantern next to the fire filled with remote controlled church candles to add to the glow in the evenings.

I hope you're enjoyed this little tour of my autumn additions to home, next stop Christmas decs!


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