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Saturday 29 October 2016

Beating Mum Dark Circles with Remescar

It's a bit of a cliche about mums not getting much sleep and feeling constantly tired. I remember complaining to my sister about being exhausted when pregnant and I remember her reply 'get used to it' clearly. We have been blessed with Sophie being an amazing sleeper, but somehow I always do seem to be constantly tired and it shows in my skin. Team this with the dreaded 18 month sleep regression and S having had a nasty cough and cold, I'm finding myself up more frequently during the night - so I haven't been looking my best. Therefore, collaborating with Remescar to promote their Eye Bags and Dark Circles cream couldn't have come at a better time. 

 Luckily I don’t suffer from bags under my eyes, but dark circles do appear letting everyone know that I’ve been up most of the night - not a good look. Layering on the concealer has generally been my port of call, but being able to instantly banish the shadows is an even better option. 
 I must admit I was a bit dubious of the ‘instant’ nature of cream, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. Putting a tiny rice-grain size amount under each of my eyes and gently smoothing it from the corner of my eye outwards in the following few minutes my dark circles have faded. 


As well as using it in the morning as part of my daily skincare routine, I’ve also found it perfect for a pick-me-up if I’ve been going out in the evening over my make up to help me look more human. If only the cream would help my brain think it had had a bit more sleep, well thats what coffee is for I suppose!

 Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles Eye Cream has recently launched in Boots and priced at £29.95

Post sponsored by Remescar

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