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Saturday 22 April 2017

Perfect Spa for Mum's with Home Spa London

Who doesn’t love a spa treatment? For me a massage wins hands down every time having an hour purely to relax and unwind is just heavenly. Taking an hour out doesn’t seem that difficult, and when I have one I swear I’ll do it more often. 

However, when you factor in the travelling time to and from a spa, filling in the info card, getting changed and redressed and sitting with some herbal tea afterward to really appreciate the experience, thats a whole morning gone. I don’t get that luxury that often and if I am getting a morning to myself I’m going to try and squeeze much more into it!

So when Home Spa London approached me to have a massage at home - this seemed perfect. I scheduled Joanna to arrive just after nap time, then as she set up the massage table in my spare room I slipped my robe on and we were ready to start.

We’d done all the pre-amble via email so no precious nap time was wasted before starting my deep tissue massage. I’ve always has lots of tension in my neck and shoulders (does’t everyone!) so I’d asked Joanna to concentrate on these areas and my back. Apparently I have typical ‘mum-tightness’ from carrying a little one on my hip… must stop this...! The massage felt heavenly, easing away the knot and tightness in my back - Joanna was just so lovely as well and we chatted easily for the first part of the treatment and then I felt comfortable in the quietness of the room listening to the relaxing music that Joanna also set up.

Then after the treatment was finished I had time for a cheeky cup of tea before my little one woke up. Nap time well spent and zero ‘daddy-day-care-points’ used up! Result.

Home Spa London travel to homes in the London area and treatments start at £60.

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