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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Hair revival

When Batiste, the first dry shampoo came onto the market, I saw it as a 'emergency product' used by festivalites or for when the boiler breaks. Not for someone who likes to feel clean and well groomed. I have been totally converted.

We always wish for the hair we don't have, my hair is fine, so all I want is volume. I spend far too long blow-drying, hair spraying (and back combing) to only have my locks fall flat again in a few hours. However, after using Batiste, my mane is back to its freshly blow-dried perfection, or better - this time it stays.

As well as adding volume it freshens up your hair, I asked my friends this evening when they thought I last washed my hair, they all replied 'today' no, no I'm on day 3, which could never have happened without this product.

Is this how Chezza gets her volumised locks?
Application isn't too challenging, but can be alarming, after spraying the product at your roots, it can make you look like you've aged half a century, as it is a white-ish colour. However, after you have massaged it in and brushed out, you should be back to your normal shade. Batiste have also launched some coloured versions which can blend in with any root regrowth.
The dry shampoo works by absorbing and mopping up any grease that has started to form and this stops your hair being weighed down, causing the extra volume and texture. Batiste comes in a range of gorgeous fragrances, I have smell tested them all, Boho is my personal favourite.

I am now a complete convert and Batiste is a 'hero product' in my collection and costing around £2 for 150ml no wonder it has won awards from In Style, Company, TopSante and Shout.

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