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Monday, 8 August 2011

Instant Golden Glow

How much do we want Jessica's skin tone?
A trip to the south of France promised a gorgeous glow a la Jessica Alba, however, due to an unprecedented about of rain, I returned slightly paler than I have hoped for and with a duo of weddings to attend over the weekend I was slightly down-beat.

Help is at hand however, from Rimmel in their Sunshimmer Instant tan, which when applied to the face and body adds a gorgeous, natural, sunkissed glow and also makes your skin feel cashmere-soft. It comes in a light and medium to suit different skin tones, and a matte(my fav) or shimmer style.

I have been a little obsessed with this product for years and have become somewhat of an expert at applying it. One of its advantages is that it dries really quickly and won't rub off on your clothes, however, this does mean that you need to work fast to avoid streaks.

The other issue is that you can end up with monkey paws, to prevent this you can wear fake-tan-applicator-gloves. If not, I find washing it off with soap and cold water gets the majority of it off, hot water seems to make it stay put for some reason!

At about £6/125ml it is much cheaper than a holiday, and without the worries of excess UV damage, so maybe the lack of sunshine wasn't so terrible... x

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