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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Ballet Beautiful

After the release of Black Swan, I became a little obsessed with the ballet trend, and this has been re-awoken since I've purchased a new pair of ballet pumps.

So here are my top three looks which gives a nod to the ballet look but won't get you directed to the nearest dance studio.

A pretty pink nail vanish is the easiest way to add a touch of ballerina chic to your look. I love Revlon's frostiest pink shade, but it does need a good few coats.

Another subtle ballet look can be achieved using a shimmery pink eye shadow. Clinique's pink chocolate quad shadow offers a few options, just sweep across the pink shade for an express look, or use the cream and brown coordinating shades to add depth and drama. £23/4.8g

To create a messy bun even Darcy Bussel herself would be proud of, follow these steps using a hair dougnut:

1. Sweep your hair back into a pony tail at mid-height on your head. I like to backcomb my hair at this point to get a messier look.

2. Pop your pony through a doughnut (you can buy these for a few pounds at boots, superdrug etc)

3. Splay your hair over the top and use a hair band to secure

4. Use bobby pins to tiny the end under the bun and secure the doughnut to your head

5. Spray with hair spray to finish

    ...and tada!


  1. I love the look of the clinique eyeshadows !

  2. Always wondered how to get the perfect hair bun!


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