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Sunday, 15 January 2012

My New Year's Resolution: SkinCeuticals Face Cream and CE Ferulic

Two weeks into 2012 and most New Year's Resolutions are long forgotten. Luckily this year I set myself a totally achievable goal...

During our twenties our skin looks great on the surface; however, underneath the collagen and elastin fibres which give the youthful plumpness and elasticity are beginning to break down. Typically the activities we tend to enjoy in this carefree decade (excessive drinking, smoking, city living and sun exposure), tend to speed up this deterioration of these precious fibres.

If we want to keep sagging skin and wrinkles at bay, preventative measures before we hit our 30s is key and the earlier you start the less you'll lose. So my New Year’s Resolution was born...

Better late than never I've started using one of the most potent anti-oxidant products on the market: SkinCeuticals CEFerulic Acid which protects against DNA damage and the chemical changes that age the skin from within and it actually stimulates collagen production. The serum is packaged with a pipettes lid so measuring out the 3-4 drops without spillage is easy. I was expecting it to be oily, but the watery consistency results in speedy absorption into the face, neck and d├ęcolletage.

The blurb recommends use only in the morning, which I've been doing for the past fortnight, then following up with SkinCeuticals Face Cream. This feathery light cream sinks in easily and leaves the skin velvety soft. The ingredient list again is bursting with antioxidant goodies and botanicals chosen for their lipid replacing powers which target a dry and aging complexion.
I have been enjoying the results, with my skin feeling plump and optimally moisturised without any sticky, oily residue. Proberbly one of the easiest New Years resolutions known to man.

However, these gorgeous lovelies that have been brightening up my bathroom and my skin do come with a hefty price-tag with the Face Cream at £120/50ml and the CE Ferulic £129/30ml. So when these press samples come to an end, so may my new regime. What price tag can we put on preventing the signs of aging? Surely prevention will be cheaper and easier than trying to reverse the wrinkles when they set in?
So how much do you girlies spend on your skin care regime?


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  2. I love Skinceutica Products, especially CE Ferulic.
    Nice Blog you have.


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