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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

nice'n easy Colour Blend Foam six new shades

To celebrate the launch of six new Colour Blend Foam shades from nice'n easy, last month I was invited to check them out.


It was also an opportunity to meet nice'n easy's new Colour Advisor and celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Long at his Lockonego salon on Chelsea’s King’s Road who demonstrated the products for us.

The application looks simple, mix the formula and activator together, shake three times, then squeeze the bottle and the magic foamer cap transforms the fluid into a thick foam. This, you then apply to your dry hair using gloved hands using the motion you would use when applying regular shampoo. As the foam collapses easily, the product sinks into your hair quickly, meaning less fuss and certainly less mess! Make sure when you're finished you wipe away and of the colour from your forehead and ears as this wouldn't give a glamorous end result!

Jonathan Long at work
Leave on for 25 minutes (during which time I was treated to a Chelsie blow-dry by one of Lockonego's fabulous stylists) then rinse until the water runs clear, then apply the Colour Seal Conditioning Gloss for a few minutes for rinsing again and styling as normal to reveal your new look.

For best results at home, Jonathan suggests only to stray a maximum of three shades from your natural colour, however, our model went even braver and opted for the Blue Black (shade 2BB) which emulated Jessie-J's super-shiny glossy locks.


the results...
Whilst I still haven't been brave enough to go for the home-colouring option myself to date, I am currently coveting luscious chocolate brunette shades and trying to work out what colour I want to be when I get married in the Summer, so the Colour Blend Foam may still get a personal test. I'll keep you posted...

nice'n easy Colour Blend Foam is priced at £6.99

The six new shades are:
  • 2BB Blue Black
  • 3 Darkest Brown
  • 4G Dark Golden Brown
  • 4R Dark Auburn
  • 9A Light Ash Blonde
  • 10 Extra Light Blonde

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