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Monday, 26 March 2012

Nails of the day: Beauty UK Moonshine

Wedding season is now in full flow, with last weekend being no exception. Whilst I enjoy a good nuptial celebration, it does take up my Friday nights with intense preening ready to look my best for the happy couple's big day. (Lord knows what I'll be like on August 3rd!)

Posing with Mr blogmebeautiful at Phil and Dani's stunning wedding
One of my essential pre-wedding preparations is popping some polish on my nails, it instantly adds a little glamour to your look and shows you've made an effort! I was planning on wearing a blue/grey and white strappy number which influences my choice of nail shades, but decided that March might be a little early to get the shoulders out and went for this cream and black Ted Baker faithful.

When I started brushing it on my nails I thought it was overly glittery and sparkly, but as it dried it left my nails with a blue-silver opaque shade with a subtle shimmer.

This is the first time I'd used a polish by Beauty UK and I've been impressed. Two coats gave a complete coverage and 3 days later it is only just started to flake. Not bad for a polish under £3.50! Moonstone is part of their new Gemstone collection comprising of metallic pastel shades. I've got another to try, so I'll keep you posted! You can find these polishes directly at Beauty UK or from Superdrug.


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