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Friday, 23 March 2012

OXY Seaweed Power

When you think of OXY I immediately think of spot-prone teenage skin, so I was slightly unsure when I was asked to try out their Seaweed Power range. Although I left my teens nearly a decade ago I am still prone to the odd breakout and as OXY claim the face wash and moisturiser is proven to reduce the number of spots in 48 hours, I decided to give it ago.

Containing jojoba micro beads, the Fresh Skin Wash is gently exfoliating and removing all traces of make-up leaves your skin feeling totally clean, but doesn't strip all of the natural moisture in your skin, which some anti-spot face washes can you. The product is also really thick and feels much more luxurious than I was expecting. (£5.99/100ml but currently only £2.99 at Superdrug!) The range also includes the Clear Pore Exfoliant which is really gritty, scrubbing away dead skin cells and cleaning out your pores.
The Deep Calm Balm is a much richer than I was expecting for an anti-spot moisturiser, leaving my skin fully hydrated and super soft (£5.99/50ml).
My favourite product in the range is the Emergency Spot Treatment Gel (£6.99/10ml). This tiny tube is a handbag essential as as soon as you find a blemish arriving you can zap it with the gel which reduces its size and redness within a  few hours, keeping your complexion picture-perfect.

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