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Monday, 13 August 2012

Zhuzh tanning range

Nothing makes me feel more confident than a bit of a tan, it makes you look slimmer and revealing limbs is more bearable. During the cooler months I apply fake tan regularly and pile on the bronzer to keep my unsunned, ghost-like skin hidden away. When the sun comes out, I am a bit of a sun worshipper, refusing to leave my lounger until sunset on holiday and digging out my strapless tops when there is any hint sunshine in the UK.

Zhuzh Tan Accelerator could be a heaven-sent product for those of you, like me want to maximise your tan, from minimum sun and aging UV exposure. The moisturising formula works by boosting your melanin production, which gives your skin the bronzed colouring I love. (£15.99/200ml)

As the British summer has typically not been fantastic, and during the recent good weather I was moving house and not soaking up the rays, I have been enjoying another product in the range, Zhuzh's Best of Both; a daily body moisturiser containing tan accelerator and a light fake tan which builds up slowly to give a golden glow, a perfect way to prepare for holiday, so you avoid the first day paleness (£15.99/200ml)

It is important to note that none of the Zhuzh products contain any UV protection, so for safe sun use, you must slap on the SPF also!

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Happy holidays! x

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