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Wednesday 15 August 2012

3D Lash Extensions

For every woman there is an item in their cosmetic bag that they couldn't live without, for me this has to be mascara. Long lashes are the ultimate feminising facial feature and in my make up routine, the majority of my time and efforts are spent combing on my favourite mascara, getting the maximum length and volume whilst trying to prevent overdoing it and ending up with tranchula lashes.

On previous holidays I have used DIY semi-permenant lash extensions or had a beautician apply them for a small cost I'm not a massive fan of waterproof mascara. however, I've ways been curious of the 'permenant' lash extensions that can last up to 3 months (with manitanence) so pre-wedding, and more importantly, pre-honeymoon I gave them a go.

I've heard horror stories of therapist using superglue on their clients lashes resulting in terrible reactions, so I went to one of my favourite, and most trusted salon, The Little Palour in Weybridge a month befor my big day, so if I hated them or got a bad reaction I had plenty of time to sort it out. The application takes about an hour, with my therapist Natalie painstakingly gluing on each lash individually, applying approximate 40 lashes to each eye to creat a natural lash line with extra volume and length. I asked for a natural look as I had fears of looking like an extra from 'The Only Way is Essex' but I was assured that the range of lash thickness, length and curl is personalised to give you the look you're after.



You do need to be careful with them, not applying mascara to your top lashes and delicately removing eye makeup with face wipes or cotton wool pads. I've used Queen Cosmetics Eye Make-Up Remover which is super sensitive (£14.50/50g) on cotton buds to remove mascara from my lower lashes and on pads to cleanse my eye lids and when I used my normal face wash I ended up getting lots in my eyes which is painful!

You must also resist urges to pick the lashes off as this will also pull out your natural lashes! Which I managed to do a fortnight after my first application, so instead of having a 'top up' a few days before W-day I had to have a full set applied... Whoops!

I have really liked them, you wake up looking a bit done up and poolside I've felt feminine whist being makeup free. However, they are a big financial commitment to keep up at around £50 for a full set every few months and £25 for a top-up approximately every 3 weeks. So I'm still deliberating if they are something I'm going to continue.


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