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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush Live Pink

Blusher is one of my beauty musts, it adds youth, shape and the obvious colour to your complexion  This is especially true if I am wearing even a lightest foundation, which dulls down any natural flush in my cheeks. The shade I currently can't leave the house with out is Rimmel's Live Pink (£3.99/5g).

It looks super bright in the pallet but doesn't transfer quite as much pop to the face! Giving a 'just been on an autumnal walk' blush to the complexion  I've focussed the colour only on the apple of my cheeks and used Aveda's Shimmer Shell to add a little shimmer to the upper cheek bones.



  1. That's a really pretty shade. You can't go wrong with a soft pink :-)

  2. Thanks Emily, totally agree! I love a girlie pink! x


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