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Monday, 19 November 2012

Dove Limited Edition Winter Care

Winter is now in full swing and my skin is a ready feeling the dryness from fliting between the cold, windy outdoors to super-warm central heated snugness. These alternating conditions can really suck the moisture from your skin do you need to use a body moisturiser that's going to prevent you turning to scales under your winter woollies!

The lovely girls at Dove recently sent me the two new body creams in there first ever limited edition collection: Winter Care.

The Rich Nourishing Cream (£3.29/150ml) is really thick and luxurious, perfect for adding a must needed moisture hit to your thirsty skin. I think it's perfect in my limbs, but would avoid using on any blemish prone areas like the chest and back, using the more lightweight Nourishing Body Lotion (£3.99/250ml). They both smell amazing, with notes of Amber flower, vanilla must and white florals; sweet but far from sickly with just a hint of festivities, oh and they are both current half price at Boots!

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