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Friday 20 September 2013

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Launch and Review

You can tell it has been a while since my holiday with all the fake tan posts recently! When the sun was still shining back in August attended the launch event for a tanning product that is taking the UK by storm.

At the event, I nibbled crust free sandwiches and cakes whist chatting away to brand creator Marissa Carter. Her ethos was all about correcting the problems with fake-tans, the terrible tango shades, the horrid biscuit smell and the time lag between application and colour. The unique feature of Coca Brown 1 Hour Tan (£7.99)* is that the tan can be washed off after an hour (duh!), when it then continues to develop for the next three hours, meaning you get your tan faster. The tell-tell-tan smell is due to one of the ingredients reacting with the air, so the fact that Cocoa Brown is absorbed really quickly and can be washed off to quickly, should reduce this.

So the results! Well, the mouse was really easy to apply with the mitt and dried really quickly too. I did however, notice the biscuit smell, although not as bad as some other tans I have tried.  I did really like the colour, a really lovely golden brown, after an hour only which didn't look at all fake. To see what it looked on someone else, I also got big-sis BMB to try it out and here are are before and after shots:

*PR Sample

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