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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Current Skin Care Routine

As a beauty blogger, I am so lucky to be sent lots of samples of products to try and with make up and fragrances it it really easy to give instant feedback and images of what the products are like. Skincare, however is a complelty different ball game, as it takes a good few weeks of using a product to get an idea of the results it is having. So over the past six weeks I have been religiously using a couple of products and now I feel that I an properly tell you my options on them.

Ive been starting off my taking off any traces of make up and cleansing with Clean & Clear advantage clear & soothe foaming wash* (100ml/£4) a clear translucent fluid in the bottle which transforms into a foam when pumped out. Containing salicylic acid and aloe vera it helps to wash away oil and dirt that can cause hateful nelmishes, but is really gentle on my skin and doesn't have a harsh feeling like some other 'spot' type skin care.

Normally that would be my skin cleansing finned, however, I have added another step - Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail* (100ml/£24). Sweeping a little over my face and face with a cotton pad it has helped to remove all those traces of makeup and impurities left behind, I was amazed how dirty the cotton pad was. Containing chlorophyll, wheatgrass and red clover to calm and distress the skin, reducing redness and making breakouts less likely.

To finish off my new regime I have then popped on Neo Stem Serum*(£59/30ml) which is a new addition to M&S beauty. It contains two active ingredients, Omega Statine and Z-Dronate which stimulates collagen production, promotes the production of new cells and slows down the production of an ageing causing protein. It has had some really positive reviews, so was excited to try even through I'm luckily not showing too many signs of skin ageing.

So the verdict: I have really loved how dewy and fresh my skin has been and Blemishes have been minimal, despite my water intake bing pretty rubbish over the past month or so. Sadly I'm not sure if it is down to one or all of these products though, but my bet is the combination of a secondary cleanser (Time Bomb) contains botanic goodies which is making my skin so clear and the improved condition is down to Neo Stem.

*PR Samples


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