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Sunday 3 August 2014

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

vichy normaderm night detox

In the mornings I often wake up with greasy skin, particularly on my forehead, which can lead to blemishes appearing overnight. This greasy sensation is due to the skin working super hard overnight to recover from damage it has received in the day, causing more sebum to be produced, which leaves the skin feeling unclean and can block pores which can cause break-outs. Vichy has recently launched its Normaderm Night Detox (£15.50 from Boots) which contains ingredients to reduce production of sebum (such as Eperuline), ones to mop up some of what is still produced (Perlite) along with antibacterials. This is a new addition to the Normaderm range, which also contains a day cream (Global anti-imperfection hydrating care £12 from Boots) and I have been using them in tandem. Along with the 96% of people in clinical tests, I found that my skin feels noticeably cleaner in the morning and I don't get that horrible oily film on my forehead and chin. The products also smell nice and fresh and have a pleasing texture, not to thick or thin. I particularly like the precise applicator on the Night Detox which allows me to get the correct amount of product from the tube.
So if you have oily skin, or suffer from oily patches at night, like me, I would really recommend giving the Night Detox a go.

vichy normaderm night detox

vichy normaderm night detox


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